Enjoy art in open spaces

Seek out Europe's eclectic open-air art scene

Alfresco art appreciation

Switch your art appreciation from the more traditional galleries and museums in Europe’s creative capitals to finding outdoor art shows and exhibitions in other creative cities and regions. From modern sculpture parks in beautiful baroque gardens to outdoor contemporary art exhibitions snaking along a waterfront, Europe is filled with exceptional artworks displayed just as nature intended. Witness the colourful street art of Eastern Europe, see contemporary installations popping up all over the Alps or uncover the many hidden sculpture gardens found tucked away in Scandinavian cities, there’s alfresco art to be found around every corner.

Where to go?

The outdoor art scene has spread all across the continent. The Cote d’Azur is becoming renowned for its oversized and dramatic public art installations, while the Romantic movement has connections in and around the lush waterways of the Rhine Valley. The Baltic region boasts an increasingly innovative outdoor art scene with its urban street art, contemporary architecture tours and avant-garde monuments.

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