Seek out lesser-known destinations

Go off the beaten track and seek out undiscovered places

Take the road less travelled

Crowds can be a real issue in some of Europe’s best known cities or regions but by stretching your imagination and being curious about your surroundings, you can choose to travel differently. Find alternative ways to travel, from seeking out smaller or lesser-known towns and cities to embracing Europe’s vast array of natural attractions and experiencing a rural way of life.

It’s often the major cities and key heritage sites that tend to attract the lion’s share of visitors to Europe, which can mean endless queues, overcrowding and unsustainable environmental practices. But by taking the road less travelled you’re open to discovering new flavours, vibrant creativity and experiencing the diversity of local history, while lesser known regions can offer more space, fewer crowds and plenty of hidden charm.

Travel more sustainably

Another way to travel more sustainably is to stay longer in one place rather than hopping between destinations. Instead of rushing to tick off every major tourist attraction, slow down and live like a local for a while. Even in larger cities it’s easy to get off the beaten track and explore the neighbourhoods which lie beyond the historical city centres. Venture out further and visit lesser-known cities, towns and villages. Open your mind up to discover vibrant creative quarters filled with colourful art and local street markets. While rural regions can offer a wealth of untapped natural attractions from farm-to-table dining to curious local traditions.

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