Be open to new experiences

Expand your world and open up to cultural, natural and authentic experiences

Encounters with history and nature

Europe welcomes the naturally and historically curious. Come and explore its rich medieval past, the archaeological treasures of the Roman civilisation to the renaissance of royalty. Experience the continent’s vast and eclectic history by seeing where historic events took place, uncover fascinating stories from a region’s past, discover the vast diversity of local history, and learn about your own ancestry in Europe.

And don’t forget to be open to experiencing nature in all her forms, whether it’s snorkelling the reefs of the Mediterranean Sea, hiking or mountain biking through the lush Carpathian Mountains or cycling along the snaking paths next to the Danube river, come and reconnect with nature in some of the most beautiful and diverse landscapes in the world.

Find creative and culinary experiences

With Europe’s great diversity, towns and cities both large and small are infused with culture and creativity. Visit open-air museums, see outdoor exhibitions and witness live music performances where you can dance to dubstep or croon to Dutch jazz as the sun sets.

We have a vast culinary playground right here on our doorstep from the lesser explored wine regions of Croatia and Romania to the pierogi traditions of Central and Eastern Europe. Sample traditionally made cheeses from Alpine farming communities, savour the freshest mackerel caught off Danish islands and cooked over an open fire, or pick up the smokiest sausage, freshest white asparagus and fragrant local honey in the farmers’ markets of Bavaria. Come and taste your way across an entire continent via Europe’s myriad of home-grown chefs, boutique winemakers and small producers.

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